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Our Mission Statement

Is to offer every student, the opportunity to learn in a creative environment where each one of them will be nurtured to develop their overall personality, thus serving the humanity..

Everyone can be some body because…

We believe in you not only the way you are, but also as what you may want to become.

We want you to achieve not only what you hope to achieve, but even more than you hope to achieve.

We recognize that individual ability is important, but believe that personal motivation is more critical factor in achieving your own personal success.

You should all be able to experience that very special ‘buzz’ of success and ‘sheer’ joy for living which help us generate personal ‘best’.

We encourage a culture, which celebrates success and motivates you to take part in ‘learning for life’ and all it has to offer.

We encourage you to anticipate each day with excitement and later on in life to remember your school days with fondness.

We know that an unorganized talent lies in all of us and that you only need encouragement to discover your individual potential.

We have an unshakeable belief that Sharjah British school will make a difference to your child’s life and future.