Assistant Principal
  Head Teacher
Letters to the School
from the Chairman
“Students are microcosms that reflect all that is good in human society.”

How we educate our children determines the values and virtues of our society’s future. The growth and development of the UAE has made it vital that our children receive international education. Hence at Sharjah British School we have opted for IGCSE curriculum. This curriculum is recognized by universities and employers worldwide and represents excellent value compared to other international exam boards.

Education has always been a passions and we at SBS believe that a good school foundation is essential in the all round development of a student’s unique personality. Hence there is
emphasis on academic as well as co-curricular activities.

The Parent- Teacher meetings arranged at the end of the every term provide opportunities for parents to discuss test scores of their children and the importance of raising these scores.

SBS is a lasting legacy of the values and ideals which I wish to inculcate in my family and I regard the school and students as a part of my extended family.

In order to succeed in the twenty first century it is very essential to face challenges of the future with an open mind. For the last five years I have made a promise to myself to lead SBS by reinforcing all that is valued in the Arab culture.

“Empower your child through Education."

Chairman of Sharjah British International School
Abdullah bin Khalifa Deemas Al Swaidi