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A new look, structure and beginning for sharjahbritishinternationalschool.com

An updated and easy to use structure, means that information on this site is readily available and can be accessed even by the youngest of minds!

This update has only been made possible due to the fruitful efforts of the the administrative staff and the passionate, creative vision of Madame Sheikha Deemas.

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About Sharjah British Int. School

Our Vision
At Sharjah British International School, our vision is to make possible complete students; whose creativity, confidence, ability, appreciation and awareness of their world enhance the future prospects and quality of life for everyone.

Our Mission
We aim to do this by offering all our students the opportunity to learn in a fostering, creative environment where they will be encouraged to develop their personality so that they help both themselves and their community.

Our Values
At Sharjah British International School, we: Support, Honour, Appreciate, Protect and Encourage.
We SHAPE our student's futures.
“Students are microcosms that reflect all that is good in human society". How we educate our children determines the values and virtues of our society’s...
Chairman of Sharjah British International School
Abdullah bin Khalifa Deemas Al Swaidi

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