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Teachers at Sharjah British International School have a crucial role to play in cultivating a creative environment in the teaching and learning. They guide and assist the children in learning through experience and inquiry. It is this spirit that has led them all to search for new educational horizons, and is become the bonding force that ties us all together in our new venture.

Some of the criteria used to carefully select our teachers include a proven track record in:
  • Teaching excellence
  • Knowledge of the latest developments in educational techniques, resources and methods.
  • Providing support, motivation and praise, and encouraging a creative atmosphere in the classroom.
  • The skill to blend the care and discipline, energy, learning and imagination that good teaching requires.
  • Being highly critical and deeply concerned about creating improvement in teaching standards and educational procedures.
  • Concern for the moral development of students in accordance with our common values and culture.

 Mrs. Sheikha Deemas   Director
 Mrs. Najla Deemas   Principal
 Mrs. Lubna Deemas   Manager and Public relation
 Dr. Rafat Zamani   Vice principal | Cambridge Coordinator
Checkpoint/IGCSE/As/A level
 Mr. Iain Maddox   Head Teacher | Secondary Coordinator (Gr 9 to12)
 Mrs. Fazul H. Abdeen   Primary Coordinator (Gr 1-6)
 Mrs. Jasna   Supervisor Gr 12
 Mrs. Sahar   Supervisor (Boys Section)
 Mrs. Raffat   Supervisor (Boys Section)
 Mrs. Noha   Supervisor (Girls Section)
 Mr. Mohd   Supervisor (Gr 3 & 4)
 Mrs. Emelda   Supervisor (Gr 1 & 2)
 Rajab Elsahat Shegata   HOD of Arabic & Islamic (Gr 11& 12)
 Mr. Ali Mohammad   Arabic for Non Arabs (Gr 5 -12)
 Mr. Mahmood Azzizi   Islmic Studies (Gr 1-12)
 Mr. Tareq Shawky   Islamic Studies (Gr 1-12)
 Mr. Mohd Talat   Arabic (Gr 5-12)
 Mrs. Hiba Abdel Hafeez   Arabic for non Arabs(Gr 1-12)
 Mrs. Samira   Arabic and Islamic for (Gr 1&2)
 Mrs. Manar   Arabic (Gr 3 & 4)
 Mrs. Maha   Arabic & Islamic (Gr 1 & 2)
 Mrs. Ikhlas   Arabic (Gr 1& 2)
 Mr. Yosri   Arabic
 Mr. Saad   Social Studies (Gr 3-8)
 Mrs. Uzma   Islamic Studies for Non Arabs(Gr 2-12)
 Mr. Egbe N. Abuno   HOD of English (Gr 11- 12 IGCSE/As/A Level)
 Mrs. Suzan   English (Gr 9, 10& 12)
 Mrs. Rebecca Ferrari   English (Gr 4-7)
 Mrs. Rizwana   English (Gr 1&2)
 Mr. Readell   English (Gr 1&2)
 Mr. Esam Sultan   English (Gr 2-4)
 Mr. Jules L. Martin   English (Gr 4-6)
 Mrs. Asha Riji   HOD of Maths (Gr 10- 12 IGCSE/As/A Level)
 Mrs. Shiji   Maths (Gr 9- 12 IGCSE/As/A Level)
 Mr Younis   Maths (Gr 6- 9)
 Mr. Baiju   Maths (Gr 5G/6G/7G/ Ruby/Opal)
 Mrs. Sharifa   Maths (Gr 4 Pearl/Gr3 Por/5B/6B1)
 Mrs. Ayesha Aziz   Maths (Gr 2 Oasis/Falcon Gr 3 Dol/Dug Gr 1 Foxes)
 Ms. Nayab   Maths (Gr 1 Oryx/Horses/Camels, Gr 2 Date/Palm)
 Dr. Neena Singhle   HOD of Science (Gr 11- 12 IGCSE/As/A Level)
 Mrs. Dhanya   Biology/Science (Gr 7B,8,9 As/A level Biology)
 Mr. Amir Husain   Chemistry (Gr 9-12IGCSE/As/A Level)
 Mrs. Helen Physics   Physics (Gr 10-12 IGCSE/As/A Level)
 Dr. Geeta   Science/Biology (Gr 4 Ruby,5, 6B, 7G & Gr 10G Biology)
 Mrs. Nayana   Science (Gr 1-4)
 Mr. H. Khan   HOD Commerce (Gr 11/12 IGCSE/As A Level)
 Mrs. Muradula   Accounting & Economics (Gr 9-12 IGCSE/As Level)
 Mrs. Kulsum   Business (Gr 10-12 IGCSE/As level)
 Mrs. Zahra   Business & Economics (Gr 9-10)
 Mrs. Ananditha   HOD of ICT (Gr 9-12)
 Mrs. Qurat   ICT (Gr 1-7)
 Mrs Mariya   ICT (Gr 3-8)
 Mrs. Ira   Sociology (Gr 9-12)
 Mrs. Shagufta   Environmental Managmemt & Geography (Gr 9-12)
 Mrs. Neelofir   History & Geography (Gr 6-8)
 Ms. Farah   History & Geography (Gr 3-5)
 Mrs Farahat   Social Studies (Gr 3-7)
 Mrs. Pooya   Art & Craft (Gr 1-6)
 Mrs. Dina Magdy Badran   Music (Gr 1-7)
 Mrs. Cheiama   French (Gr 1-7)
 Ms. Judith   PE (Gr 1-3)
 Mrs. Mercella   PE (Gr2-11 Girls)
 Mr. Zaidi Buoabdlleh   HOD of Recreation/PE (Gr 6-12 Boys)
 Dr. Muham Ahmad   Coordinator of KG section
 Mrs. Maria   Supervisor of KG Section
 Mrs. Ann Maddox   English teacher of KG2
 Mrs. Sunethra   Maths KG2
 Mrs. Maalee Ezzat   Art Topic Maths KG2
 Mrs. Khadiga   Arabic & Islamic KG2
 Mrs. Eka Kurasbediani   English teacher in KG1
 Mrs. Sura Ayad Lutifi   Art, Topic & Islamic KG1
 Mrs. Uzma   Maths KG1
 Ms. Sadia Taleb   Arabic, Islamic KG1
 Ms. Soledad   PE, ICT, (KG1 and KG2)