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Behaviour Policy

The School Environment
SBIS aims to foster and promote academic excellence. We do, however, firmly believe that this can only go hand in hand with good social values. Therefore, whilst you are part of the SBIS family, you should be aware of and follow the SBIS Golden Rules.

The Golden Rules
As we are a family, there are certain rules that need to be adhered to by all: from the management level, all the way down to every member of staff and every student. These rules protect everyone who is a part of the SBIS family. We do this because they promote the best learning environment for everyone. Our rules are based on common sense and apply in any walk of life. Above all, we are a family of many different nationalities, and we take the utmost care to foster good relationships. We concentrate on the idea that we are ‘one family’. Once we are a member of the school, we are all the same. There is no barriers of colour; of nationality; of religion; of rich or poor; we are all the same and we expect everyone to respect everyone.

Please read the rules set out on the next few pages; follow them closely, for they will help you to enjoy your time here at SBIS.

The Golden Rules are:
* Cooperation
* Courtesy
* Responsibility
* Respect
* Honesty

SBIS ‘Three Strikes’ Discipline Code
Sharjah british international school’s discipline code is a positive system. We believe that we must encourage positive behaviour patterns even while dealing with negative ones. To this end, we have created the ‘Three Strikes’ Discipline Code, which aims to deal with those same negative behaviours and prevent them from occurring, so that SBIS is somewhere calm, safe and a haven for learning. Our code is based on the ‘Five Responsibilities’ that we think are the key areas students should ensure are met every day of their school career. These five responsibilities are: the diary; school books; the uniform; school equipment and behaviour.

The ’Three Strikes’ system policy is based on the idea that negative behaviour will be met with two warnings followed by a consequence. There are five levels in the code, with level 5 being the most serious. Please refer to the tables in the following pages to check the details of what is expected and the potential consequences for infringing the rules. Behaviours that can result in sanctions include:

  • Copying of homework

  • Late arrival for class, line-up or during announcements

  • Talking excessively in class, line-up or during announcements

  • Not following reasonable instructions, e.g., does not work in class.

  • Schoolbooks are neglected

  • General untidiness or uncleanliness

  • Vandalism (including littering)

  • Misuse and unauthorised use of school equipment (extinguishers, taps, and the alarm system)

  • Leaving school/classroom without permission

  • Use of humiliating and suggestive language and signs

  • Disrespectful actions towards others/teachers/staff

  • Deliberate disruption of class

  • Eating in class

  • Bringing in prohibited items

  • Absence without leave/truancy/internal truancy

  • Flouting of class rules.

  • Horseplay, inciting fighting, bullying behaviour (needling)

  • Misconduct on buses to and from school

  • It is school policy that everyone is individually and collectively responsible for discipline at all times between arriving at and departing from the school building. No one is exempted. Common sense, good manners, honesty, consideration for the feelings of others and personal pride in all assignments are the maxims on which SBIS philosophy and disciplinary policies are based.

    On the positive side, the school is committed to using the ‘Star Points’ system for Grades 1—6, and the ‘Reward Points’ system for 7—12. Star Points, which are mentioned elsewhere in this diary, reward students for their effort in all the key areas of the ‘Five Responsibilities’. The ‘Reward Points’ system is a points-based system for academic effort and excellence. Students receive points, as in Star Points, but at each level are able to exchange their certificates for book tokens or other educationally oriented items. There are also end of year prizes for the highest performers and highest achievers. These awards are called ‘The Sheikhas’.