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About Sharjah British International School

Our Vision
At Sharjah British International School, our vision is to make possible complete students; whose creativity, confidence, ability, appreciation and awareness of their world enhance the future prospects and quality of life for everyone.

Our Mission
We aim to do this by offering all our students the opportunity to learn in a fostering, creative environment where they will be encouraged to develop their personality so that they help both themselves and their community.

Our Values
At Sharjah British International School, we: Support, Honour, Appreciate, Protect and Encourage.
We SHAPE our student's futures.

Our Belief
We believe that Sharjah British International School is a high-quality establishment that is working towards the engineering of a new generation, by encouraging learning, helping everyone build their character and by supporting national identity.
To Our Students
• We believe that everyone can be someone
• We believe in you: not just who you are now, but who you will be
• We want you to achieve more than you ever thought possible and to aspire to the highest possible level
• We recognise the importance of individuality, but believe that motivation is the critical factor in achieving success
• We believe that all students should be free to experience success
• We encourage a climate of achievement and of learning for life; we hope you make the most of it
• We hope to anticipate each day with excitement and to look back on your time with us with fondness
• We know that you have hidden talents and we encourage you to discover them with us
• We believe that we can help you make a really positive impact on your life and career