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IGCSE, AS and A Level

Sharjah British International School is a British Curriculum school following the IGCSE (in Grades 9,10 & 11) and GCE (Grade 12 & 13) as accredited by the Canbridge International Examinations Board (CIE).

During this Academic Year 2010 – 2011, SBS 3rd Batch of students will be appearing for the IGCSE [Grade 11]and the 2nd Batch for As / A level (Grade 12)

We at SBS follow IGCSE System in Grades 9, 10 and 11 and As/A level in Grade 12&13

It is possible though for Students to take their IGCSE exams in Grade 10 as well as in Grade 11 and upon completion of the next two years of study students will complete their 'A' level certificate.

Keeping in mind our young enthusiasts, SBS tries and caters to all their needs by offering the following subject choices as per the relevant streams of Science, Commerce and Arts.

In Grade 11 (IGCSE) at least five subjects are required to be taken on one certificate to meet CIE requirements. (more subjects could be taken as required in either Grade 10 or 11)

Grade 9/10/11 (IGCSE) 5 to 8 subjects

Grade 12 (As/A level) Three subjects (maximum)


  • English as a second or first language

  • Mathematics

  • ICT


  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Science Stream)

  • Business, Accounts, Economics (Commerce Stream)

  • History, Geography, Coordinated Sciences (Arts Stream)

  • Optional Seventh Subject: Sociology or Environmental Management

Furthermore, besides this each student will appear for Arabic and Islamic Studies examination according to the Ministry of Education.

Since some countries have the requirement for more subjects we have introduced the option of students taking Sociology or Environmental Management according to student's requirements.